Hiroyuki Izutsu (Japanese name 井筒啓之) is an illustrator based in Tokyo, Japan. He was born in Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture, near the calm sea. It is now the most active area for art in Japan. After graduating from high school, he studied animation and later became an illustrator. Although he mainly worked in advertising, he started working in the publishing world after drawing a best-selling book cover. The main motifs are people, landscapes and flowers. The painting materials are opaque watercolor and Adobe Photoshop. He recently started using Adobe Fresco as well.He was invited in Global Artist Committee of Asian Art Association in August 2022.
He is a lecturer at "Illustration Aoyama Juku" in Tokyo and a part-time lecturer at Yokohama University of Art and Design.
1982 Selected for the illustration magazine competition "Choice".
1983 Japan Graphic Exhibition Semi-selected.
1984 Selected for the Japan Illustration Exhibition.
1998 Received the Kodansha Publishing Culture Award.
2001 Solo exhibition at Ginza Creation Gallery G8,
2004 Solo exhibition at Takashimaya department store gallery.
He has also held solo exhibitions at Tokyo Aoyama Peters Gallery, Pinpoint Gallery, HB Gallery, and Gallery House Maya.
He also participated in the Tokyo Illustrators Society Exhibition every year from 1993 to 2017.
He will serve as chairman of the Tokyo Illustrators Society from 2014 to 2017.
Illustration of coffee packages for British Taylors of Harrogats. Illustration of the desktop screen of Dutch data transfer service Wetransfer. Package illustration and graphic illustration for "Yasashii Milk" produced by Japanese drinking water maker Kagome. Calendar illustration from 2017 to 2020 for Shikoku Electric Power Company. Serialized illustrations for newspaper advertisements for Hotel Okura for two years. Serialized illustrations for 10 years in the in-flight magazine of the airline All Nippon Airways. There are many other one-off advertisement illustrations. About 800 book cover illustrations he drew.
英語圏ではイギリスのTaylors of harrogateのコーヒーパッケージやオランダのストレージサービスWeTransferのデスクトップ・モバイル画面のイラストを提供している。
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