”The management's compensation will also be cheaper”
”Next time I will send soldiers to Korea, so I will need money.”
"I need money to fulfill my duty."
"Can He keep it for three days?"
"I will earn this month too!"
"Where nobody wears hands is a place to make a profit"
'I surely will make you a luxury for the future ”
"Toshinaga, cancel the debts of the ally! People will come about money.”
"Well, where should we collect taxes ...? Ah, should I raise that tax rate?
”Oh! , My side is 2,500 people, 10,000 people missing! !”
”So you said that!”
”I made an embankment earlier than King Hideyoshi! !”
”But the funds are gone ... ”
”Both Hagi and Reed are versatile materials! It's a discovery of new value!”
"This silver mine is yours!"
"Do you want to invest?"
"Yes, how is it?"
Forget the causality so far, delay the salt to Takeda!
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